This blog was created as a form to train myself not to be shy and/or an introvert, especially on videos. My goal is just to practice writing and expressing my feelings and opinions, and in no way I intend to offend or criticize anyone’s work, nor to over praise or award them either. As a huge fan of the art of motion picture (both the big and small screens) I chose to write about the films and series I watched as feel this would be an easy topic for me to talk about. My opinions, whether I like or dislike a film or TV show is purely subjective as it is for any type of art. Everyone has their own opinions of certain films/tvs and we all should respect each individual’s opinion, even if we don’t agree with it.

That is what makes us humans; the diversity and freedom of mind.

2 of my favorite things on Earth are films and dogs, and that is why I am trying to combine both here. While making some observations and expressing my personal feelings about a film/tv, I am also trying to bring awareness of pet adoption, mainly for dogs adoptions. They are indeed men’s best friends and they need their humans to be their best friends and never give up on them, because they never give up on their humans.

Sometimes watch the films with fostered dogs I foster in my house, and depending on their reactions while we watch together, I give the film 1-5 paws (instead of stars). That is a way to keep reminding you, the reader, to check on your fur babies, spread the love about them and if you are thinking about getting a friend, adopt, don’t shop for one.

I will include the pictures and information of the dog in hopes to help bring him/her visibility for a prospect adopter. I hope I can help a lot of dogs find their new fur-ever homes.

Rules to readers

  • As much as I try my best to write correctly, understand that English is my 4th language and I may have grammatical errors, misspelling and other mistakes. This page is not to be a professional blog and perfect reading, nor educational. This is a fun personal blog for film reviews and conversations, and dog lovers alike. Please, be kind to not be trying to fix English errors (I’m sure I already have written many here). It is not the point here and you will be seeing as an internet troll, sorry, but I have Zero tolerance for Cyberbullies and trolls.
  • Another way to be considered an internet troll or cyberbully is, if you want to comment on any of the blogs, don’t be rude and try to impose your opinion and point of view. Again, we all have different opinions, and mine is just as right as yours or anybody else’s opinion. Feel free to comment or open a discussion that is mature, respectful and educational for both of us, and any other reader that may be reading your comment.

Please note that all videos will be in Portuguese, while all the writing will be in English, but they are not the exact transcript of the video, nor vice versa.

Observe que todos os vídeos serão em português, enquanto todos artigos escritos serão em inglês, mas não serão a transcrição exata dos vídeos, e nem vice-versa.

Hope you all enjoy your reading!!

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