My brother loved it and insisted for me to watch as well. I was not too impressed with everything.

After seeing the same type of movies over and over again, it is obvious that this movie was bottled up in the studio formula. In a mix of “The Golden Child” and “Man of Fire”, this film contains all of what we expect of the hero and his treacherous friends.

It is packed with action, blood, guns, fights,and all those lies that you can shoot a person as much as you want and the person can still be alive and fight you back and win..yes, there many of those too. But if you want to just sit down and relax..as Quarantine asked for Netflix and Chill, this is perfect. No wonder it is a Netflix movie.

If you like Chris Hemsworth as Thor, cut his hair and this is for you. A Thor without power, just muscle.

The refreshing part of it, was that it was based on India, and Indians were the good and bad guys alongside Hemsworth. No Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mexican, Russian or German as usual. For the first time I see a co-production between Indians and Americans. Yes, we’ve seen some films with people traveling to India or with an Indian family here and there, but not too much of the majority of Indian cast playing major roles.

There is not much I can really say, unless I start giving spoilers, but again, Netflix and Chill!


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