Humans (TV)

It’s a British TV show about robots that look like human beings, they live among humans to serve the them, however a few of them have developed artificial intelligence to protect the son of the inventor or creator of those robots.

Because they were the first ones to be developed with artificial intelligence, the companies that manufactured them and had relationship with the “Creator”, started to hunt them to change them back to simple robots. It is a cool series and it has three seasons each of them with their own separate story arc. It does bring the question of whether or not we can trust machines and especially if we can trust artificial intelligence.

The problem with the series is that there are six of them, and in the very beginning they are together but after a few episodes they separate and then the whole series throughout the three seasons they all live separate lives, even though they are always in touch with each other, helping to create and fight for the world they believe is the best for them, each one of them has different paths in the whole series which makes it a bit confusing as to which story is more important or is more central to follow. Each character whether they are robots or humans has his or her story and it distracts the viewers because of that.

What makes the various stories to become unified is that they are considered brothers and sisters and the love for each other always bring them back together, whether for a simple check in or to protect each other. Spoiler alert, they were made to protect the human child of the creator but the human child has also a part that is artificial. To me what I felt very interesting is how the series creators had already planned out the story of this human child, which during the series is already a man, to be the one that brings peace between the robots and the humans.

It was interesting also to see that this character had instant connection with a human girl who he met in the 1st season, but only got together with in season 3. Maybe I’ve been watching too many TV shows and films and I’m already identifying the characters relationship development too easily, I don’t know. But the development of their relationship is connected with the fact that the series creator had already planned to make them the ones who were going to be the savior of the world in end the war between the robots and humans. Unfortunately the series was canceled on season 3 which means there is no season 4 to know what happened next between them or the war but it was very cool to see from season 1 in one of the first episodes what would be happening while having that idea by watching the characters posture, body movement, and interactions that they were the ones that will eventually do something important for the story in the future.

It was also very interesting the appearance the series made of the humanized robots as to how they would move, talk, interact with others, have feelings or not, the color of their eyes, and even have sex.

So in my opinion, this series is interesting to watch and it has a lot of entertainment enjoyment within it but again because it is so all over the place with too many stories, I cannot give the series a high rank for that. If you are going to watch it, pick one story and followed that one. It may be easier than to keep trying to understand the other stories around.


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