The Joker

I am no big fan of super-hero films although I do enjoy them as an entertainment time, but I do not have any preference whether it’s Marvel or DC, Batman, Superman, Iron-man, Spider-Man, whatever man it is. I do like their films that have a lot of psychology involved in the characters as to whether the character is psychologically affected or how psychologically he or she is handling whatever situation is brought to him or her, but the joker was something very difficult to get attached to.

I think that everyone else would agree is that Joaquin Phoenix did a great job with the character and it seems to me that this character is one of the best character to play in the DC movies because I think almost every single actor who played the Joker was nominated and maybe even won the Oscar for the part with the exception of Jared Leto In The Suicide Squad, but Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and now Joaquin Phoenix had played the part making one of the greatest job on their careers, so much so to win the Oscar.

A film for the character of the Joker alone without any other character we all know from the DC universe made it interesting to see how he became the Joker we know, and it is good as a background story for the character especially if there is any intention to continue that story for other films. However as the script goes, I do not remember if it won the Oscar or any awards for script, it may be because sometimes what I like is not what the academy likes, but as the the script goes, I did not like it on how they made it so repetitive. For instance, we had to see him being beat up over and over too many times just so that we know that he’s been bullied and bad things has been happening to him over and over. I think that a couple of times would have been enough for us to know that. I think there could be other situations that could have triggered him to be the way he is that doesn’t need to be the same thing happening again and again. I would have been a lot more attracted to the film and to the story if I knew that his life was I chaos from a wider variety of problems and not just two of them because the film only talks about him being bullied and him having a problem with his mother, and “father”. It all added with him also having a psychological problem which he could not avoid anyway so there it’s only 3 reasons. I would rather like to watch other reasons, more reasons, more chaos, more trouble, more misery on the character then just those three to actually make the character who he is. Unless I missed something and or it was too subtle for me to notice but that’s what I thought.

The good part of the film is the wardrobe. From clown to the epic 70s style, the costume designer did indeed a very good job coming up with his unique style.

In my humble opinion this film is just ok, only because the character is great, Joaquin Phoenix is great, the art is great, the shooting is great, photography is great, but it is missing substance in the story in my point of view.


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