Bohemian Rhapsody

Oh my God…I don’t know if I can say enough about this film. I just really love it, it’s something that I was not even expecting to like it so much! When I went to the movie to watch any movie, I saw Bohemian Rhapsody was the first one to start so in view that I liked Queen when I was growing up I decided to watch it not expecting anything big out of it.

Oh boy, was I in for a big time? If you like Queen and their music you will not just love it, but you will be mesmerized, it is incredibly captivating.

I do not know what happened that they changed directors toward the end or after post-production, I’m not sure what actually happened but for the most part the director who directed the film was able to create a world of magic around the band.

The movie goes through the end of the 60s to the whole 70s to the beginning of the 80s which cover all of Freddie Mercury’s artistic life. The film is not just well done, it has an amazing production designing all the props, all the seventies and eighties atmosphere, it’s all there and you can live that again if you were a child of that time, but also it makes you feel that you are actually leaving it with them. The writing is fantastic and the fact that the producers, or I don’t know whose idea it was, decided to make the film rated to be for a certain age, and that is absolutely no cursing, well maybe yes but not that much, and no bad language, no sex, no drugs, that is absolutely nothing in the film that is explicit too much that we all can see exactly what happened in the film, or what is about to happen, or what had just happened during the whole film without having to have everything on screen, it is fantastic how they did it. You can see that Freddie, as we all know the story, had sex with many guys, we could see that there were a lot of drugs, and alcohol, and girls, and parties, and extravaganza, we can see all that without actually showing it, what was actually happening and I loved that. I don’t know why we must have scenes of sex, scenes of people using drugs and then you have to have the needle going inside of a vein and things like that, we don’t need that we can have films like this one that has an amazing story and shows everything without actually showing anything that was genius in my opinion.

Another part that I love on this one was how they use the songs to embellish the film and to show what part of what was happening with the band, and all the characters that inspired them to write the songs, and now after watching the film it made clearer what the songs were about, what the lyrics was referenced to, even if it’s not true it surely gave me another layer of understanding and appreciation for their songs.

I was absolutely impress and extremely in awe with how they made the Live Aid concert with only 500 extras, all of them dressed in the 80s style, which is a very unique style no one can say or can confuse the eighties, the seventies and the sixties, and the fifties however the fifties and the 40s are kind of similar but from 90s to now it’s kind of almost the same.

Anyway, one last point I would like to mention is that this film is meant to be watched on the big screen. It is not for the small screen because certain parts of the film in a small screen doesn’t give you the same emotions. On the big screen you feel as if you were there with the band and all their ups and downs, there are a lot, and what drives you into their story is felt in inside a screening room which cannot be felt through a computer or a TV screen, at least not a small TV.

Spoiler alert, one of the best editing in the film and let me say that to me the editing Oscar award was really deserved because I think the editing of this film was one of the best I’ve ever seen. The editing of the part when they were coming up with the idea of the song We Will Rock You was, to me, the best idea and the best editing part of the film. It drove so many emotions to watch that, how they came up with it, and then how people reacted to it.

I am extremely captivated by this film, maybe because like I said I was a Queen fan back on the days. Maybe for people who doesn’t like them or don’t know their songs, it may not be the greatest movie ever but to me it really was. I left the movie theater in tears. This is, hands down, the best film I’ve seen in a very long time.


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