Once Upon A Time …In Hollywood

I can’t say that I love it too much because as though he is a very famous and amazing director, Quentin Tarantino is not my favorite. His style is too bloody for my like. I think the film is amazing, I could not say anything else then a great movie. Production designing, wardrobe, lighting, all the 70s style.. it is amazing. I like the fact that it is very groovy with all the colors really popping out.

I can’t say anything bad about Leonardo DiCaprio in my life, he’s the most amazing actor in my opinion, I do like his performance a lot even more then Brad Pitt, but I do believe that he is getting too many roles that are repetitive and therefore his performance hasn’t been showing too much of the range he has. As for Brad Pitt, he did do a good job on this film, so good that he got the Oscar for it, but I honestly don’t think the story his character was such a good one for him to pop out that much. Nonetheless his performance was indeed very good.

I can only say good things about the direction it is very well done, thoughtful, and in overall very artistic, but again I cannot say much about the script and the style as Quentin is very into bloody scenes, crazy fights, explosions, in guns, and all the things that make he’s a style which is cool, it’s just not for me. I believe everyone has their own style and Quentin made his fame and his name on what he believes is good for him which is great because it is good for him he is there making it, but as I kept saying over and over what is good for one person doesn’t mean it’s good for everybody.

I will definitely give a high rank for this one and highly recommend to watch it is a very good movie.


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