The Society

I am throwing this one in because it has one Deaf character played by Sean Berdy (Sam Elliot), and since I’ve been involved in the deaf community for many years I would want to encourage more people to watch movies with Deaf actors. However this series is not one that I liked. I must confess that I watched it only because of Sean since I did like his performance in his previous tv show; Switched at Birth, but this series, The Society, is too boring again because there are way too many stories happening at the same time and we don’t know which one to follow.

It is about a group of students who went on a field trip and found themselves into a different dimension/world/or dead (nothing was cleared about that) even though everything looks like the same place where they live it is not. All the parents disappeared and they were alone in the school and surrounding areas. This Netflix series resembles a little bit of the after apocalyptic time style where they have to survive by themselves, with no incoming of food from another place or any type of way to get in or get out of the city, and there’s no connection from any phone or Internet to the outside world, only between them. That is absolutely not an original story, everything in this series has been already made somewhere else; on another TV show, on another movie, or play, or any kind of teen story told anywhere. (Spoiler alert) They have gay coming out of closet, they have teen pregnancy, they had accidents, bullying, murderer, fight for freedom, riots, and all of those so there’s nothing original there to watch. Not even the artistic style of the series as everyone looks like the same as if they were living normal life. Many times when there is an apocalyptic theme or style they have different settings different clothes but this one has absolutely nothing different so it just makes series to be very lame in my opinion.

Acting is not the best either, although many of the actors seem to be very good, the story itself and the way it is being told, doesn’t allow them much room to bring in the greatest performance. As for Sean himself, he’s acting and the character he’s playing is just the same as he was playing on the other TV show, nothing, absolutely nothing, changed except for the fact that his character in this show is gay and the other show he was not, but other than that he is exactly the same and therefore it didn’t bring in any excitement to watch him performing.

I honestly do not know why Netflix announced that they were going to do season 2, but since they are this is still going for another year I just hope that in the next season the story, the settings, the whole idea turn out to be different and somehow more excited.

Because of that this review will be updated after season 2 comes out.


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