Charlie’s Angel

I watched this movie in the theater and I was not impressed at all. First of all, I grew up watching Charlie’s Angels… the first ones on TV, and even the two 1st movies that came out a decade or two ago were still truthful to the original characters and idea where the Angels would be three very different types of women, and was backed by Bosley, and Charlie on their sides.

Even if this new idea of having a bunch of boss ladies, a bunch of angels but just one Charlie were acceptable in my head, it’s still missing the quality of angels being a group of three different women that help each other and complete each other.

In this film, there were many, many Angels, but the story follows the supposed to be, 3 but it was actually 2 and a “civilian” playing along. And, the 3 of them were not different at all in any matter, shape or form. 3 Caucasian women (or almost, because the only not too white was still very light skinned and not many traces of different type.

It was nice to see an actress that was big on the film industry when I started to watch movies, being now the director and writer of a movie like that, but that doesn’t make it the right decision to change the concept of Charlie’s Angel so badly.

I would say it was a well-done film but as every studio film, they have enough money to make it a good, well-done film. I am not impressed with the performances at all, they were not the best performances from any of the actors including Sir Patrick Stewart, and he is a very good actor. I’d say in my opinion the only real good part of the movie was when the story of the case they were working on changed it in a very surprising way. I like that kind of films, that shows the story going in a way and then turn out to be a completely different way or situation that we, the viewers, ends up with our minds blown because we were not expecting what was going to happen. And that is the only part that I can say it is cool about this film at least in my opinion


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