Person of Interest

I don’t know what I was expecting to see on this TV show but as I like Jim Caviezel performances so I decided to give it a try. I’ll say that I wasn’t able to watch the whole series just because after the first actually up to the second season everything was just the same over and over so it started to get boring as there was character development. The series itself has a cool theme and a regular crime style that kind of remind me a little bit the old series from the 90s The Renegade, he has more or less the same concept. It is interesting to see the ups and down up the relationship that the main character and his accomplices have throughout the series which is, in my point of view, the only really development that we actually see in the series.

It is basically an ex-cop, who is now a fugitive, taking crime by his own hands. The switch is that, the employer is a tech guy who invented a machine that can foresee crimes. He uses the machine to prevent the crime to happen..any resemblance to Tom Cruise’s film “Minority Report” is just NOT mere coincidence. That is the basic of the series structure. Yes, I know, in Minority Report, it was not a machine, it was 3 over-developed people connected to the machine, but the idea of foreseen future crimes somehow is not that original anymore.

If you like James Bond or the old series I mention, The Renegade, it is kind of a mix of both of them although the main character does not have all the cool gadgets that that 007 has, he does have a few of them.

If you wanted to binge watch the series, you must have plenty of time because it is a very long series with over a hundred episodes and not much for original kind of story but it does have a lot of fighting crime situations, so if you like that kind of style this is for you.


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