The Witcher

I gotta tell you that I am not a fan of video games at all so I was not really prepared for the series and I watch it mostly because… it’s Superman, come on. But I gotta say that it is a very entertaining series even without knowing the video game or the characters, maybe because I do not know the video game this series was very entertaining and very well done.

I’ve seen some articles or interviews about the series comparing it with the characters in the video game saying that they don’t really match at least part of the story doesn’t match with the original video game so because I do not know the video game to me the series to me is very cool. Let’s say that it is not a series for everyone because it is very complicated the follow.

The artistic part of the series is amazing, very well done, very pretty, very intriguing, so that was what kept me watching it more than anything during the first few episodes when I couldn’t understand the hell was happening until about episode 3 or 4 when I realize how the story was being told. It doesn’t have any timeline to follow it comes in and out of the story without really having any idea of what part of the story that is that you are watching, until we actually see some parts being told that complete the story that you already seen on episode 1 or 2 or 3…and so forth. It continues like that until the end but once you understand how the story is being told, you can have a better idea of what to expect and how to pay attention to the scenes so that you can put together the puzzle when another episode with another scene that connects to the scene that you have seen, would come along. I just loved the way it was done because it really kept me watching just so I could remember that particular scene to put together with something that I still need to see to understand the story and I love puzzles so to tell the story the way they did, it was to me like a genius idea.

And yet every single actor in it was very good, I liked the way they performed their characters, the way they deceived the audience, and of course, the characters in the story. The whole series was so confusing in a way that I can’t really comment on any kind of story arc, or character development, or relationship, or anything specifically as the regular series because it was not done the regular way .

One thing that I can comment about relationship though is how they characterized the Witcher as the creature without emotions and without feelings, but yet he proves over and over that he is almost a regular human full of emotions and feelings, (spoiler alert) so much that he basically fall in love with two women but in different ways.

This must be the only Netflix series that I like so far. It is original, it is well produced, well done, artistic, beautiful, an all-in-one entertaining.


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