The Tomorrow People

I was really sad when The Tomorrow People ended and the network didn’t pick up for 2nd season. It is a very entertaining and original series even though it’s not something that we’ve never seen before, like a bunch of people with superhuman powers or mutant powers, but the whole story arc and the diversity of surprising elements that came along throughout the series made this show a very entertaining one to watch.

In every episode there was something that happened that you would never expect it and that was something that kept me very intrigued to keep watching the TV show. It is a mix of X-Men and Captain America and Wolverine kind of thing where people are afraid of others because they don’t know what their powers are. They are afraid that their powers will make them superiors at the same time the ones that has power are concerned that they will be hunted down, killed or made experiments on, all the while trying to save or recruit others who have powers, it just kind of all the same again, but again, like I said, in every episode we have a surprise information and that develops into the series little by little making it a very entertainment one.

It is very futuristic so visual effects are very cool, and the production designing of fantasy style is very nice to . Performances are entertaining although I feel that many of the actors could have done better and many of them could have done worse depending on the editing. But an overall it is a TV show that I would definitely recommend to watch.

Unlike Damien the main character find out about who he is on the first episode and spend the whole season working on it, learning from it, and deciding which side or what to do with what he knows, and that is what made that season in my point of view a lot more interesting to watch.

The only bad thing, like I said in the beginning is that unfortunately they did not make another season so, the ending although it is a full ending and fulfilling, it still has a cliffhanger to give the audience the hook to wanting more and I really wish that there was another season because I would love to see what would be next step they would do following their story.


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