Dolemite is My Name

Dolemite is my name maybe the only Netflix original film that I have liked. I’ve seen many and none of them have something that would drive me to really watch it but Dolemite I watched it because, of course, Eddie Murphy is one of my favorite actors so I knew he wouldn’t have let me down, it would be fun.

“Dolemite Is My Name” is a film about how the comedian from the seventies, Rudy Ray Moore aka Dolemite, made his first and very successful film about black comedy back on those days. The original film that is discussed in this film seems to be a very idiot and badly made from what it looked like on this film, but because of that it turned out to be a big success as a comedy, even if it wasn’t intentional to be as bad as it was at least it was very funny to watch.

On this Netflix movie Eddie Murphy and stellar cast made the seventies era or, better saying the black community in the seventies a good justice on how life was back then. The film has a great art department, it really brought back the seventies, the colors, the wardrobe, set decoration, all the props, it was really good to see, the visual was very nice.

To comment on the acting is a little bit biased for me because, as I said, I love Eddie Murphy but I must say that Eddie Murphy acting was not the best thing on the film if you compare with Wesley Snipes performance. Snipes’ character was not only funny by itself but the way Wesley Snipes perform in it, even though it was a small character, was fantastic and I couldn’t stop laughing. Putting Wesley Snipes and Eddie Murphy together, acting on a same screen was the best thing that anyone has ever done for Netflix. They were amazing and their chemistry flown very well when interacting with each other.

I cannot say any bad things about this film but I do need to say that it is not for sensitive people. There are a lot of cursing and bad language throughout the whole film. You must be open-minded to be able to enjoy the film, if you are you will be in for a very good entertainment time.


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